Weeding Contest 2014!!

Welcome to another year of sharing the most hilarious, ugliest, and fascinating things you’ve found while weeding. To participate, follow these steps:


You can upload photos via our JotForm (with option to remain anonymous), and we’ll post them here on the blog.  Although there is no limit to the number of entries you can submit, please use discretion.  You can submit entries between now and Monday, September 22.

Be sure to visit us often. Not only will you see new entries added frequently, but you can also ‘vote’ on your favorites by letting us know in the comments using your WordPress, Twitter, or Facebook handle.  Once logged in, you can also ‘Like’ entries as well.  Let’s try to make weeding fun!

At the OLC Convention and Expo, Oct 8-10, stop by the Adult Services Division table to see the top submissions (remember to let us know your favorites in the comments!!), where you can vote on the most interesting, fascinating, ugliest, whatever-you-find weeded material.  The winning library branch will be announced at the end of the conference, and will receive special treats!


4 thoughts on “Weeding Contest 2014!!

  1. Apologies for the lengthy absence. The glorious winner was Melissa Groveman for her submission Don’t Accept Me as I Am: Helping “Retarded” People to Succeed. I’m hoping you’ve got challengers for this year’s contest!!

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