Weeding Contest 2015

Welcome to the 2015 OLC Adult Services Weeding Contest! Share your ugliest, most hilariously outdated weeded books with us, and be a part of our contest during Convention and Expo (C&E) October 7-9.

Submitting an entry is easy:

  1. Go out into the stacks and weed! It’s a tough but necessary part of our jobs.
  2. If you or your coworkers weed an ugly book that makes you laugh (or groan with shame), take a photo of it.
  3. Go to this blog, and click on “Submission Form” at the top. Click on the form, and upload the photo (you do have the option to remain anonymous!). You can submit as many entries as you’d like until October 2, 2015.
  4. We’ll post the photo on this blog, and display it at the Adult Services Division table in the Exhibits Hall during C&E October 7-9.
  5. If you are attending C&E, visit us at the AS Division table to see top submissions and vote for your favorite.
  6. If you can’t make it to the C&E this year, visit this blog and vote for your favorites with comments using your Twitter, Facebook, or WordPress handle. You can also “like” entries by logging into WordPress.
  7. The winning entry will be announced at the end of the C&E, on October 9!

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